Because I needed the exercise I decided to walk the 9 blocks from our studios here at the Crowne Plaza to Andy's Bar & Grill which was the site of yesterday's Alive After 5 put on by the Billings Downtown Association. I grabbed a beer and took in the Jaded Ladies who did a great set of cover tunes that included No Doubt's "Just a Girl". As soon as I finished my brewski I turned around and saw the sign for Wilcoxson's ice cream in the photo above.

Mmmm, ice cream. Sounded pretty good so I sauntered over to their building only to see a "closed" sign on the door. At Alive After 5? With a crowd of a couple thousand people standing on asphalt in 85 degree weather. Wha.. huh? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? I've heard Wilcoxson's is some of the best ice cream in the Magic City. Chance and opportunity met and then... nuttin'. I have to believe they would have had a line of a hundred people out the door. I most definitely would have been one of them. I'll have to try it another time. Sigh.