Remember the old movie "Deep Impact"?  Today, we'll come dangerously close to reliving that film in real life.

Scientists say a large asteroid will pass between the moon and the Earth today.  Fortunately, it will barely miss us.  Or so they say.

Mark believes that if an asteroid was heading straight for earth, the scientists would never tell us.  We wouldn't even know it was coming.  For his part, Paul is convinced that if that asteroid was to collide with our planet, it would surely land directly on his ranch.

Here's another interesting thought.  When a truck speeds by you on the highway, you can feel it.  When the asteroid passes in between the moon and our atmosphere, will we be able to see it or feel it?  I guess we'll find out today.  But don't be worried, Paul's got his eye on the sky and if he sees a giant rock hurling towards Billings, he'll let us know.