When it comes to surviving the elements in the great outdoors, very few people are less resourceful than our own Mark Wilson.  His idea of roughing it is staying at a 2 star hotel.  However, this morning, Mark shared an interesting outdoor survival tip.  According to Mark, if you're ever stranded and you need to build a fire, Doritos make excellent kindling.

Understandably, Paul thinks this is one of the dumbest things Mark has ever said, which is a bold statement.  Instead of trying to find wood in the wilderness, why not go ahead and light your food on fire?  After all, it's not like you run the risk of starvation if you're stranded in the woods.

Mark pointed out that you should only light your food on fire as a last resort and only if your food supply is more abundant than your ability to find firewood.  Paul responded by saying, "That's dumb and you're dumb".