By now, you may have heard the story of the 13 year old student in New Hampshire.  The student threatened her teacher on Facebook.  The comments made were "I wish Usama Bin Laden killed my math teacher."

The school responded by booting the student from school for five days.  The mother reportedly agrees that the post was wrong, but called her daughter's suspension from Rundlett Middle School too harsh.

The mom, Kimberly Dell'isola of Concord, New Hampshire, agreed her kid was wrong, but didn't see any reason why the student should be out of school.  The mom is quoted in her conversation with school authorities, "He just said what she said was really awful. I started laughing and said I agree with you there, but how did it come to you deciding to throw her out of school," Dell'isola said.

I'm thinking if I'm the math teacher, I have a completely different point of view than mom.  Read more on the story. Leave your thoughts in the comments.