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Mother Of The Year–Not
By now, you may have heard the story of the 13 year old student in New Hampshire.  The student threatened her teacher on Facebook.  The comments made were "I wish Usama Bin Laden killed my math teacher."
The school responded by booting the student from school for five days…
Country Stars Sound Off On Bin Laden
It's been a busy past 24 hours working the social networks like Facebook and Twitter to catch up with country stars and their feelings about the events of Sunday night.  Here's a pretty extensive list of artists and their Tweets or Facebook posts.
You may have seen the Toby Keith post already on Cat …
Tacky Scary And Rude Osama Bin Laden Stuff
It had to happen.  And really quickly.  It's the tacky merchandise coming from the death of Osama Bin Laden Sunday night.
I attempted to search EBay for a number of these items, but they apparently were taken down long before I started looking.
Here are some samples of what you can find…
Real Or Setup? The Bin Laden Story [PHOTOS]
I've been spending a lot of time today looking on Facebook for comments about the U.S. led demise of Osama Bin Laden. I've been shocked at some of the responses from across the country and here too.
One thing that struck me about this whole story were the words the President spoke in sayin…
Osama Bin Laden DEAD
Fox News reporting the death of one of the most wanted people on earth, Osama Bin Laden.
Update direct from Fox News tonight.
A slideshow on what the death of the world's most notorious terrorist means.