So in my first week of prognostication I would have done terribly in our Pro Football Pickem' Pool. I went 9-7 as it was a week of underdogs winning in the NFL. Who thought the Seahawks would spank the 49ers and the Cardinals could beat anybody. Amazing.

NY Jets over New England - Wrong (Jets nearly pulled off the upset but succumbed 13-10)

St. Louis over Atlanta - Wrong (In retrospect, taking the Rams to beat a Super Bowl contender on the road was a mistake... but I was being a homer)

Carolina over Buffalo - Wrong

Chicago over Minnesota - Correct

Green Bay over Washington - Correct

Indy over Miami - Wrong

KC over Dallas - Correct (My underdog pick of the week)

Philly over SD - Wrong

Baltimore over Cleveland - Correct (but closer than I would have thought)

Houston over Tennessee - Correct

Detroit over Arizona - Wrong

New Orleans at Tampa Bay - Correct

Oakland over Jacksonville - Correct

Denver over the Giants - Correct

San Francisco over Seattle - Wrong (shocked but happy the Forty-Whiners looked so terrible on the road)

Cincinnati over Pittsburgh - Correct