Soooo. I was terrible this week but I suspect 10 wins was probably good enough in many office pools as it was very unpredictable. To my credit I did pick the Colts upset win over San Diego... every once in awhile a blind squirrel finds a nut I guess. My results and the original predictions and comments are below.

Correct! Browns over the Bills – Yeah, the Bills beat a depleted Ravens squad but the Browns have an excellent defense and it looks like they’ve found their QB of the present in the surprising Brian Hoyer who used to be Tom Brady’s understudy.

Correct! Rams over the Jaguars – Whoever is the least crappy will win this clash of the titans and it appears the best defense against the Jags is letting them play offense.

Correct! Chiefs over the Titans – The law of averages says the Chiefs, who won 2 games last year, are due for a loss but it won’t happen against the Titans who are without starting QB Jake Locker due to injury.

Correct! Ravens over the Dolphins – The birds have been struggling and the Dolphins are much improved but despite all of the changes in Baltimore they are still the Super Bowl champs and they know how to win so they’ll get it turned around this week.

Correct! Eagles over the Giants – The Eagles defense is terrible but they should at least look like a professional football defense against the feckless G-Men whose schedule is so tough a path to 0-16 is plausible with their best chances for a win being contests against the Redskins and Raiders.

Correct! Saints over the Bears – Jay Cutler staged his triumphant return to mediocrity last week. Look for more of the same against an improved New Orleans D.

Incorrect. I was actually shocked at the outcome. The Bengals defense is good but their offense is anemic. Patriots over the Bengals – If Cincinnati can’t move the ball against the Browns good luck scoring against a New England defense which is mostly accountable for the teams’ 4-0 record.

Incorrect. As I've said, you have to pick an upset or two and I got this one wrong. Lions over the Packers – Funny that a 3-1 team can be an underdog against a 1-2 teams but Aaron Rogers is the man and the Lions must prove themselves. With a rejuvenated running game creating space for Megatron, I think they will.

Correct! My upset special was a winner. If you didn't pick this one you probably didn't win your pool. Colts over the Seahawks – My upset special of the week. The Seahawks defense is as good as there is in the NFL but the 49ers defense is great too and Andrew Luck and company dismantled them on the road. It won’t be easy but Seattle looked mortal against the Texans on Sunday and Indy is on a roll right now.

Incorrect. Cardinals are shaping up to be mediocre... which is a lot better than I thought they'd be. Panthers over the Cardinals – How in the heck does Arizona have 2 wins right now?

Correct! Closer and much higher scoring (on the Cowboys side) than I thought it would be though. Broncos over the Cowboys – The best team in football against a mystery wrapped in an enigma. The Pokes’ worst enemy is usually themselves when they lose. The pressure the Denver offense will put on Tony Romo to score will force him to press and create turnovers.

Incorrect. Matt Schaub was never great but now I think the Texans will be actively trying to replace him before their championship window closes. Texans over the 49ers – San Francisco is a shell of their former selves. If the Texans can get out of their own way they have more than enough talent to win. In a side note a Houston sandwich shop is serving up a “Matt Schaub” where you get to Pick 6 of whatever ingredients you want. Lol.

Incorrect. I thought San Diego was a lot better thank Oakland. Chargers over the Raiders – Oakland is much better behind the signal calling of Terrell Pryor but they won’t be able to keep up with the San Diego offense.

Incorrect. After all the pre-season hype no one is calling Atlanta a Super Bowl contender anymore. Falcons over the Jets – The Jets are lucky to have 2 wins and if Atlanta, a pre-season Super Bowl favorite, has any pride they’ll stiffen up vs. NYJ on Monday night.

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