I went 7-8 this week. If you're trying to win the Man Cave package with our Pro Football Pickem' Pool at www.catcountry1029.com I'd use your own judgement.

1. Correct! Seattle over Arizona. The Cards are better but they will get de-feathered against one of the leagues stingiest defenses.

2. Correct! Atlanta over Tampa. Aside from the 'Fins, professional football in Florida is in a sad state. 3 teams, only one true starting QB.

3. Incorrect. The Rams regressed back to their old habits of beating themselves with turnovers and stupid penalties. St. Louis over Carolina. Since I'm picking the Rams you should go with the Panthers because when it comes to my favorite team (the Rams) I'm always wrong.

4. Incorrect but very close as I had said previously. Detroit over Cincinnati. Megatron will be the difference in a very close game.

5. Correct! San Diego over Jacksonville. I think the Jags might win one or two games this year... maybe, but not against the bolts.

6. Incorrect... I underestimated new Buffalo QB Thaddeus Lewis. Miami over Buffalo. Another tight one but Ryan Tannehill is the better QB in this one.

7. Incorrect... and I'm still shocked. New England vs. NY Jets. The first contest between these two teams was much closer than this one will be.

8. Incorrect. After seeing this game Dallas may be the team to beat in the NFC East. Philadelphia vs. Dallas. My upset special. Despite the huge numbers Tony Romo put up last week that 4th quarter pick has to be in his head. He always makes the crucial mistake at the wrong time. Both teams will put up points here but Romo has to hope he doesn't have to come from behind in the 4th or it's over.

9. Incorrect. The injuries on the depleted Bears defense played a huge part in the outcome of this one. Chicago vs. Washington. Their minor scare vs. the Giants should wake the Bears from hibernation and claw their way to a victory over 'Skins.

10. Correct! San Francisco vs. Tennessee. Neither team will be able to run the ball but Ryan Fitzpatrick is more prone to throw picks than the embattled Kaepernick who can still win a game with his legs.

11. Correct. Cleveland vs. Green Bay. The Packers sure aren't making it easy on themselves this season but Aaron Rodgers should be the difference in this one.

12. Correct... but the Texans sure made it close. Houston vs. Kansas City. Houston, once thought to be a Super Bowl contender, is in a downward spiral. The Chiefs are about to be 7-0.

13. Incorrect... do the Steelers have a late season run in them? Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh. Super Bowl champs have struggled this season but will not lost to a one win team. Should be closer than Ravens fans will hope though.

14. Incorrect... this game just highlights a full day of upsets. Denver vs. Indianapolis. Most people think the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl but the Colts are also considered to be contenders. Should be the most watched game of the week.

15. Correct. The Giants could finish the last 9 games with 4 more victories. Minnesota vs. NY Giants. The Vikings haven't responded to Matt Cassel behind center and Josh Freeman, should he play, would be a downgrade. The Giants got a little confidence by playing the Bears tough last Thursday and should get their first win of the season in an upset.