When Mark and Paul aren't making fun of crackpots from Missoula, there's another Montana town that provides them with tons of material.  Whenever we think things are messed up here in Billings, we can always look at Butte and start feeling better about ourselves.

Today, the Flakes read about a new counterfeiting operation in Butte.  Police busted two men who attempted to purchase items using fake one dollar bills.  Ones?  Even the cops were surprised.  Normally, if crooks make the effort to produce counterfeit money, they'll set the bar a little higher.  They don't all have to be hundreds, but one dollar bills?

To add insult to injury, one of the culprits was busted for trying to use his fake one dollar bill in a vending machine.  Here's a piece of advice to any would be counterfeiters who read our blog.  The next time the soda machine won't take your fraudulent money, just walk away.  Don't stick around and wait for the cops to show up.  It's a vending machine.  Let it go.