Yesterday was a big day for potheads in the State of Washington.  20 months after voters approved a law which would legalize recreational marijuana sales, the first pot shops opened their doors outside of Seattle.

And, as you would expect, business was booming.  Thousands of stoners lined up to legally purchase their weed.  Luckily, there weren't any injuries or deaths reported.  But the Flakes still have some questions about our country's newest "green business".

Here's one:  Here in Montana, activist judges like to overturn ballot initiatives that were approved by voters.  Generally, they argue that federal law overrules the will of the public.  Isn't an interesting that none of these judges have overturned the legal pot initiatives?  After all, those measure clearly conflict with federal law.

Also, if they really want to regulate legal weed and make it safe for consumers, why are there no warning labels?  Cigarettes and alcohol come with warning labels. But at these fly by night pot shops, potent drugs are dispensed by unlicensed street pharmacists.  We're pretty sure those guys aren't asking customers about what other medications they are taking and the negative reactions that could occur.

Of course, this entire issue isn't about weed.  It's about money.  And people were lining up to pay $80 for 4 grams of pot yesterday.  Not surprisingly, over 7,000 new applications for business licenses have been filed with the State of Washington by people looking to cash in on the industry.