This is one to make you scratch your head.  SEAL Team 6, the highly celebrated group that took down Osama Bin Laden less than a month ago, has been purchased.

Let's get this straight.  A publicly named organization, SEAL Team 6 can have their name trademarked for use in merchandise?

No really.  The rights to the name have a trademark application applied for by the Disney Corporation.   Just two days after Bin Laden was taken out, Disney applied for a trademark to put the mark on merchandise like hats, toys, Christmas stockings, Christmas decor and—yes, actually—snow globes.

Is That Legal?

The move is entirely legal as well according to trademark specialty lawyers.  Of course it is, lawyers will claim anything as long as they get paid.

I'm reminded of the old lawyer joke, "What's two plus two?" the client asked the lawyer.   "What would you like it to be," said the lawyer.

Movie or TV Show Likely

The reality of the story is Disney likely wants to be able to do a TV or big screen movie about the exploits of the team.  By claiming it's use now, they are able to eliminate competition and reduce litigation that would probably come later.  Word from E!Online is Disney is considering partnering with a third party company to produce such a program.

Just for grins, I checked the web address for and  One address is already registered to a company named "" from Los Angeles.   The other is held privately as well by internet registrar 1 & 1 Internet Ag.