Recently, I keep hearing of this judge that ordered a 13 year old's pony tail cut as part of her punishment in court.

Let's go back to the start.  A 13 year old and her friend were on the playground at a McDonald's in Utah.  (Why is a 13 year old on the playground?  I digress.)  They make friends with a toddler, and proceed to cut her hair off with some scissors from the dollar store.  It's all on tape.  So, this teenager has to go to court, and she can have something like 250  hours of community service, or, her mom can cut off her ponytail, in court,  and have her time cut to 150 hours.  The mother cut her daughter's hair.  Now, she's talking to anyone who will listen about how unjust this is.  I'll bet the toddler's mom was a tad upset herself, yet no one ever mentions her.

Now the question everyone is asking, should we use shame punishment?  I'm not 100% on this.  My parents tried it to stop my bed-wetting, and it didn't work at all.  However, I hung my daughter's report card on the fridge for a quarter to remind her of what needed to be done, and it worked like a champion.

Personally, the mom needs a swift kick for letting her 13 year old play with the tots at McDonald's.  Seriously, let your kid do something age appropriate.  Speaking of appropriate, how did she get the idea that cutting someone else's hair was something that could be done and there would be no reprecussions... MOM AND DAD?  Parent's can't be held accountable for all of their child's actions or we'd all be in jail.  However, I doubt her daughter will ever cut someone's hair to be mean again.  Mom, buck up and teach your child how to take a punishment for a clearly bad decision.  Don't teach her how to sue and point fingers.  All we hear from the mother is how she was scared and intimidated by the judge in this case.  Wonder how the little toddler felt at McDonald's when your kid cut her hair.