4th of July

People Loved It
The response was great over the weekend in regards to the opening of the rims.  Not only from locals but from the many tourists who will take back memories and pictures of our most iconic feature.  It's hard to imagine how many of those were missed over the last 25 years...
Independence Day
As we celebrated the 4th, I couldn't help but wonder how much of our independence that the great heroes of this country fought for has been lost.  Do yourself a favor and read the Declaration of Independence.  You'll be asking the same question, how did our government g…
Stay Out
Stay OUT.
That's the message from the city of Billings to all tourist and folks who want to enjoy the rims over the 4th.  Yup, the most iconic feature in our town is shut down over the holiday.
It's the only one in the state that I know of...
Freedoms and Independence
I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
Not many people will even think about the significance of the 4th.  I will be thinking about all the freedoms that we have lost and how my America is changing.  We have lost so many of the things that made this country great...
What If We DON’T Leave Town For The 4th?!
This year is gonna be different for us. We are staying put at home instead of traveling. No rhyme or reason behind it, it just worked out this way. So, now we will be able to get into restaurants more easily. And driving across town will take a lot less time...
Some Great Things To Do This Weekend
Let's start with the things that I assume you already know about. Like the Parade in Laurel and the huge fireworks there on the 4th.  Then there's the 3 days of parades in Red Lodge, July 2-3-4 starting at noon each day. And their rodeo too
UPDATE: 4th Of July Fireworks Death in Billings
Update: The Yellowstone County Coroner's Office has released the name of the victim of Saturday nights firework accident in South Billings as 32-year-old Nathan Vannatta.
Billings Police Lt. Casey Hafner said,
 Vannatta was firing fireworks from a tube he was holding against his hip. When one of the m…
Let’s Rodeo!
Saddle up and get ready for some exciting Rodeo action during the 85th annual Home of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge, Montana This Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
How To Throw A 4th Of July Block Party
Do you know what to do in order to throw a 4th of July Block Party?  Well, I'm not a "Pro" myself, but I have had a little bit of experience in the party area.  That makes me an expert doesn't it?
3 Days of The Home of Champion Rodeo in Red Lodge
Each day at noon through July 4th in Red Lodge is the Home of Champion Rodeo parade.  How many places can you go and see 3 days of parades before the actual rodeo performances?  The 83rd annual Home of Champion Rodeo hits Red Lodge at 6 p.m. on July 2nd and 3rd and 3 p.m. on the 4th of Jul…

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