Why I Didn’t Buy An iPhone
My old phone was an iPhone. It was 4 years old and that's ancient by today's standards. So I went to the phone store and got a new phone. And I chose a different brand this time. And it's completely because Apple wouldn't cooperate with the FBI when they wouldn't unlock the …
14 First World Problems Created By iOS 7
Whether you're an iPhone fan or not, you're probably well aware iOS 7 was released yesterday. For all non-users, this basically means the phone's software was amped up a bit, which sounds like it'd be totally cool, but as soon as people could download it, Twitter exploded with co…
10 Hilarious Siri Conversations
Siri, iPhone's voice-activated personal assistant, has a reputation of being kind of a jerk. Sure she's a tad snarky and sometimes sarcastic, but she's totally misunderstood, guys. In fact, Siri's actually pretty darn funny!
The New Frequent Flyer App, Who Cares? – The Breakfast Flakes
Let's face it folks. We've far surpassed the days of commercial flight that comedians would exaggerate upon to get a couple cheap laughs out the crowd. It's gone was past some light ribbing to an outright nightmare. The costs of traveling by commercial flight continues to grow, and ye…
Steve Jobs Stepping Down as Apple CEO
Steve Jobs is stepping down as chief executive at Apple, the company said on Wednesday. Jobs will remain at the company as chairman, but he and his iconic black turtleneck will be replaced by former Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook.

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