License And Insurance Please
The Billings city council is currently reviewing their street policy which will include future accommodations for more bicycles. New laws need to be put in place then for those who share the roads. If you are operating anything with wheels on a public street or roadway, you should be required t…
Billings Driver Harassing Bicyclists [VIDEO]
I was driving on Fourth Avenue a headed toward MetraPark when I saw a White Ford diesel truck purposefully covering bicyclists and pedestrians in plumes of exhaust. I know that this can't be new.
In fact, I would imagine this happened shortly after diesel-powered vehicles were invented, but I ha…
New Bike Shop In Downtown Billings
I was trolling the thrift shops this weekend looking for mid-century modern furniture when I came across a business I didn't know existed. Right across the street from the Salvation Army Thrift Store at Minnesota and 30th is Red Rover Bicycle Collective,
Don’t Like It? Don’t Ride On Our Roads!
Mark: "am I a hard guy to get along with?"
Paul: "no!"
Well, I had a day yesterday...I call those farmer days because I had a lot of stuff that needed to get done. And I got a lot of stuff done! I had a little time last night, my girlfriend was going to make dinner,…
Where Is My Montana Tax Refund?
Like most people I wait until April 15th to file my taxes. I usually use tax software and file my federal and state taxes through e-file. According to the Montana Department of Revenue's website, since I e-filed I should have received my refund within 2 weeks of them accepting my tax return mea…
Breakfast Flakes Bits [AUDIO]
After a short break, we're back! Today Paul had quite a bit to say about the spray painted directions that get plastered all over our streets any time there's a race in town.
UPDATE: Why the Flakes STILL Hate Bike Trails
According to the Billings Gazette, about 100 people rallied last Sunday, August 22, at MSUB in favor of a "complete streets" resolution that could improve bicycle and pedestrian trails.  The new policy would  guide the design and development of new streets, upgrade existing streets, and en…