Do You Drink Soda?
If you have listened to my show at all you probably know that I am a huge fan of Mountain Dew. I just can't seem to get enough and I honestly believe that without it I would have a very hard time going on air.
Kids Say The Funniest Things
As some of you know, I have five kids that live at home with me -- four boys and one girl. As you can imagine, there is rarely a dull moment in my house. Either someone is fighting, someone is crying, someone is laughing or someone is coming up with the next big saying. They never stop.
Butt Dialing Gone Wrong
If you butt dial me, the worst possible thing that you can face is the possibility of your call going on the air and being made fun of. Just be thankful that I am not the police.
Smile! It’s National Common Courtesy Day
It's something we don't see much of anymore. A smile to a stranger, opening the door for someone you don't know or saying hello to that person that seems to be having a rough day. How about asking for something with a please and when receiving it replying with a thank you...

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