A Sewing Machine For My Daughter’s 8th Birthday?
My daughter turns 8 in a couple of weeks and the ONE thing she has asked for is a sewing machine. When I asked her why she told me that she would be able to make Christmas presents for people. Wow. That made me proud, but something seems a little strange about the whole thing...
Five Things I’ve Noticed About Turning 40
My eyesight is failing

A couple of years ago I went to the eye doctor to get my once-a-decade eye test out of the way. I had gone from my usual 20/10 vision down to 20/15. This was still good news to me. I can see from 20 feet what most people have to be at 15 to see...
Boys To Men
If you are a parent and your parents said to you, enjoy your time with your children because they will be grown before you know it, they were right.
My Daughter’s Sweet 16!
So, today was a landmark day for me.  My oldest child, a beautiful, smart and funny girl,    turned her "Sweet 16"!  Holy moly I am getting old!

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