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Discovery Zone Discoveries And Lady A
Lady Antebellum jumped right over the Discovery Zone and right onto the air on Cat Country this past week. Good idea to, since the new song "Just A Kiss" set a 52 year record for the Billboard Country chart. No song by a group had ever scored a higher first week rank than Lady A.…
Discovering The Discovery Zone
Each afternoon at 5:20,  I play a brand new never before heard on Cat Country song for you to hear.  Since we are discovering new music together, it's the Discovery Zone.  Here are a few of the songs that have appeared on the Zone in the past week...
Traditional Country Music Has A New Champ
He sounds like Travis Tritt and is just a little bit bigger than your average high school kid.  Bradley Gaskin has a new single that's starting to get some play on the radio (and on the Discovery Zone on Cat Country).
Discovery Zone Discovers Hits
Each afternoon at 5:20, you get something really new on Cat Country. It's a song you've probably never heard anywhere before. The program is called Discovery Zone and it's Cat Country's version of "Hit or Miss."
The idea is to let you hear a song for the very f…