Tell The DBA What You Want
I read an article in today's paper about what the Downtown Billings Associations dreams are for our downtown area. They want:
Rooftop terrace dining
A trolley or light rail
Fewer one way streets
More bike lanes (to allow more window shopping)
More festivals
Diverting ditch water to the downtown area, givi…
The Jetsons Meet The Waltons: Urban Pioneer Home In Downtown Billings
I had driven past this house in downtown Billings many times, but had never really stopped to read the sign posted in front.  As luck would have it, when I did actually stop to inspect the house a little closer, the chief architect, and future resident, happened to be there to give me a tour...
Montana Avenue Is Saf-er Than It Used To Be
The pic above was taken last week right in front of my loft apartment building on Montana Ave. When I moved here about 2 and a half years ago long time Billings residents told me that where I live used to be skid row and that the redevelopment of the historic district has vastly improved the neighbo…
Brutal Traffic In Downtown Billings
I'm no urban planner but there had to be a better plan for all this road construction than what we've been dealing with here in the downtown core the last week or so. Just today on my lunch hour I had to reroute to get myself some Pizza Pizza...
Bunny Rabbits In Downtown Billings!
Many of us like living in Montana because it's the most wild and free state in the lower 48. We are fortunate to have a huge variety of wildlife you can see on nature hikes, hunting in the back country... and walking to work in the middle of town...
Alive After 5 At Pug Mahon’s!
It's been awhile since Pug Mahon's hosted Alive After 5 but tonight was one of the best! The warm weather kept the adult libations flowing but the crowd managed to behave themselves. I was particularly happy because it was right next to my favorite pizza place...
Vehicles Towed At Farmers Market In Downtown Billings
If you plan on partying in Downtown Billings on any Friday night in the next several weeks and have to leave your car parked here overnight make sure you come pick it up first thing in the morning... and by first thing I mean 5am. Above are the tickets of 4 vehicles that were towed today so vendors …
Billings Top 10 Buildings
First a disclaimer... these aren't anything other than the architecture I like best so it's not Billings most historic buildings (even though some are historic) and it's certainly not Billings tallest buildings.

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