Gas Soon At 3G’s In Lockwood
I have been keeping my eyes open for the pumps to go up at the new 3G's in Lockwood. They are working on them now. It won't be long and the covers will be up and then the pumps go in. I will keep you posted. They do still have space for lease...
Gas Is The Cheapest Here In The Rocky States
More drilling here in the U S of A and the fact that there isn't enough pipeline capacity to move the glut of domestically produced oil around the country to lower the price for everyone means it's cheaper to fill up your tank right here in Billings...
Falling Gas Prices Means Great News for Car Owners
Just a few months ago, analysts were worried gas prices would soar this summer, possibly topping $6 a gallon. But now that the warmer months are upon us, there’s been an abrupt about-face.
In fact, fuel prices are now falling so steadily that many experts predict that by this fall, a …
Gas Prices Steadily Dropping
Gas prices seem to be going down a bit every week.  Now is a great time to get in the car for a Montana Stay-cation!
When I was young, my parents used to take us on Montana History drives.  It sounds kind of boring, however, it was a lot of fun...
15 Clever Ways to Save Money on Gas
Turmoil in the Middle East is nothing new. Gas prices going up is nothing new. What is new is the possibility that we could be looking at prices at the pump lurking in the neighborhood of $5 a gallon by the summer. And that’s painful.

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