He Doesn’t Know?
Ever hear the term, 'Were you born under a rock?' Maybe...just maybe this guy is taking this term just a little too far...really far.
A guy in Georgia is taking "ignorance is bliss" to a whole new level.
Joe Chandler is claiming he still has no clue who won the preside…
Montana’s Most Googled Job
Searching for that perfect job has always been the norm. Almost from the beginning of time man has been on the search for that one work situation that would earn the most money and make them the most happy.
A lot of it, of course, depends on a person's personality, location and effort...
Police Use Lollipops to Subdue 350-Pound Man
Thank goodness a police officer in Macon, GA, had a stash of lollipops in his car last week.
The tasty treats came in handy after an agitated, 6'4," 350-lb. mentally ill man began threatening health care workers with a broom and razor.