Golf Rule Changes
Most of these won't affect us weekend hacks, but for 2019 the USGA is changing some rules and I wanted to mention a couple of them.
"Dropping Procedure". Under the new rule, when you drop a ball, you'll do it from knee height instead of the old shoulder height...
You Aren’t Allowed To Watch Your Kids Golf
As it currently stands in Montana, if your child is playing in a high school golf tournament, you are not allowed to watch them play. Really?
And now the Rocky Mountain PGA has written a letter to the Montana High School Association to change the rule...
I ran across a couple of Bull Snakes yesterday at the golf course. It looked like they were on a first date or something.
The good part for me was that I saw them before they saw me. I was also in a cart, so I didn't have to scream or anything...
Facebook Fights and Activism
As I stared at that computer screen at 3 in the dang morning, I had to decide what kind of social media day I would have. I saw posts concerning illegal immigration, voting for more school levies vs laying off employees, and about 3 or 4 anti-gun blogs...
Golf Anyone?
I think watching golf makes you want to play golf. I saw part of The Masters during lunch yesterday and I thought how awesome it would be to play at a place like that. Then, I thought, maybe it's only because it looked so green and it was Spring there...
The Cat Country Golf Tournament
Back when we started broadcasting in 1988, we did a lot of neat promotions and one of those was our own station golf tournament.
We'd invite advertisers to come spend an afternoon with us playing some golf and having some fun.
Top teams won some pretty good prizes and it was a great time for all.…
Can’t Watch Your Kid Golf
Dumb rule. And these days with social media and using the internet, we can put pressure on the Montana High School Association. And while I'm at it, I'm going to e-mail our local TV sports anchors and try to get them to put some pressure on, as well.
3 Putting
I hate it. I mean, it's really one of the few things that makes me angry. 3 putting.
It's a mental thing. Golf course designers allowed for 2 putts on any green after arriving on the green in regulation. The first putt should be hit as close as you can get it...
Soon the iPhone Will Do Your Work For You
Okay, I realize the headline sounds a bit ridiculous BUT the iPhone can do so much more now than anyone ever anticipate... except maybe for Steve Jobs himself.
Case in point, I was at a local store that sold mac products and spotted the newest software for the iphone that helps you improve your golf …

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