memorial day

The Most Important Holiday
To me, Memorial Day is the most important holiday we have because it is about remembering brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.
The American Revolution: 50,000 lives lost.
The War of 1812: 19,505 lives lost.
The Mexican American War: 17,435 lives lost...
The Greatest Of Men
There is no greater sacrifice that a person can give than his life for his country and fellow man. It’s sad that only one day a year do we take time to recognize the people who allow us to live the lives we do with their bravery and courage...
Memorial Day Events in Billings
As I sit here reviewing Facebook and seeing all of the Memorial Day messages of hope and acknowledgements for our U.S. Military, I think of all the soldiers, men and women that I know.
Montana is a Great Place for Military Veterans to Retire
As the nation prepares to pay its respects to those who died in active military service on Memorial Day, the day will no doubt carry an extra special significance for Montanans.
Veterans are held in high regard in Montana throughout the year, not just on Memorial Day...
Take Advantage Of The Tipsy Trolley Tonight
Wasn't that alliterative of me?! Seriously though, if you, like me, are one of the thousands of people that does not want to have to deal with driving with the holiday traffic tonight then enjoy yourself a cold brewski or two and one of Montana's finest craft breweries here in downtown Bil…
10 Moving Soldier Homecomings for Memorial Day
The service men and women of our country make huge sacrifices to fight battles on our behalf and keep the freedoms we hold dear. One of those sacrifices is being away from their families and loved ones for long periods of time. The only thing that makes this sacrifice bearable for most is the i…

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