Who Does The Cooking in Your House?
Today is "National Men Make Dinner Day" which might have sounded funny a few decades ago, but now it just seems like "National No Big Deal I Do That All The Time Day"
I've only made the commitment to live with someone two times in my life and neither one of th…
What Men Want For Valentine’s Day
To do some research for this blog I googled "What Men Want For Valentine's Day" and I think every article must have been written by a woman. Some said men want flowers, chocolates and cuddly teddy bears. Really? Bizarre. Here is the definitive Top Ten list of what men want for…
Montana Valentine’s Day Getaways
Since Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year, why not head out of town with your sweetie for a fun, romantic getaway?  We live and play in one of the most gorgeous states, so grab your babe and hit the road!  Take a weekend to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us...
The Flakes Talk Guyology – The Breakfast Flakes
Let's face it, Men and from Venus and Women truly are from Mars. We are on such different wave lengths that we honestly don't know how we are still managing to get through a day functioning among each other. So for today Paul and I discussed the many different and contradictory&n…
Auditions for A Christmas Carol This Afternoon
Billings Studio Theatre is holding auditions for A Christmas Carol this afternoon.
Parts available:
14 male parts for 16 and older, 15 female parts for 16 and over, 10 boy parts and 10 girl parts for ages 15 and under, 1 Tiny Tim...
World Records Just For Guys
gettyimages So today marks a monumental day across the globe, as it is "Guinness World Records Day".  I'm wondering if Hallmark will somehow capitalize on this and sell more cards?

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