National Weather Service

Clark Fork Flooding
Hydrologists say the Clark Fork is on track for record flooding. According to the National Weather Service, the latest projection is for it to reach the 13-and-a-half foot range in Missoula, and some of the high country weather stations show 60-to-70 inches of water has yet to melt out...
Snowiest Feb. on Record
The Gazette reports that, with the shortest month of the year in the rear view mirror, Billings had its second-snowiest February on record, adding almost 32-and-a-half inches of powder to a year that already ranks in the top 10 for snowfall, according to the National Weather Service...
It is Starting to Feel Like Spring in Billings
It's no secret. I am a fair weather guy and the fair weather sure has felt nice lately. Our neighbors near and far have been hit pretty hard with winter, but it seems we here in Billings have come out well this year.
In fact, they are saying that we will be in the lower to mid 60's by mid w…
Winter Weather Update
OK...if you were dreaming of "walkin' in a winter wonderland" you are going to be in luck.   A "Winter Weather Advisory" has been issued for Billings and the area from the National Weather Service.