Potential School Crisis Averted
At this point I have no idea how this situation was identified, but I'm grateful to whomever made the call. This may never have been a real threat, or we could have been added to the list of cities where tragedy struck. I for one am glad we didn't take chances.
The Single Dad’s Dreaded Day
When the day comes, if it should happen to be on one of the days where she is staying with me, I guess I'll take the Al Bundy approach and just tell her to "Walk it off."
Teaching Your Kids To Lie
So this parenting thing comes with the occasional "What am I supposed to do here?" situation which is where I find myself at this moment. If you don't have kids, there is a good chance this will seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, but you have to keep in mind that kids …
Chris Janson’s New Video Not Safe For All Audiences
Chris Janson's song "Drunk Girl" deals with an extremely sensitive topic and the video even comes with a warning that some audiences may be uncomfortable with the images that are depicted. To that, I say great! We need to be uncomfortable about this topic and as a person raising a l…
I Love Being This Little Girl’s Dad…Especially At Christmas!
I never knew how much I would enjoy being a parent until it happened. My little girl is 9 and this has got to be one of the most enjoyable phases of her childhood. I truly enjoy our time together and Christmas seems to magnify that.
Last weekend, we watched "Scrooged", "Chr…
Teaching Kids To Drive: Then And Now
I've still got a few years before I have to put my daughter behind the wheel, but when I think back to my own early driving experiences, they start when I was about 10.
My grandfather (Pappaw) took me out on a back road in his 1975 Dodge Dart and put me in the driver's seat...
Are You Making Your Kids Relive Your Childhood?
Parents teaching their young children to like the things they like is nothing new, but the internet makes it a lot easier these days. Personally, I've had my kid watching the same cartoons that I grew up on, thanks to youtube. She's checked out He-Man, The Smurfs, Peewee's Playhouse a…

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