Red Lodge

Outdoor Dining In Red Lodge
I was supposed to eat at the Red Box Car, but as it happens every time, the place had a line that was just too much for me. Now, a long line is a great testimony for a restaurant and I'm not complaining, but I just couldn't hang knowing that there was some allegedly great Mexican food jus…
The Cat Country Golf Tournament
Back when we started broadcasting in 1988, we did a lot of neat promotions and one of those was our own station golf tournament.
We'd invite advertisers to come spend an afternoon with us playing some golf and having some fun.
Top teams won some pretty good prizes and it was a great time for all.…
Good Morning Red Lodge
I have a friend that moved up to Red Lodge here not to long ago and say's he loves it up there. He hasn't spent a winter there yet but I don't think he will change his mind anywhere soon. This is a picture he took of his front yard the other morning...
“Lift Up The Leisers” Benefit
Sometimes in life bad things happen to good people. Unfortunately something bad happened to a Shepherd girl who was on a fun trek through the hills near Red Lodge.
On June 11, 10 year old Kamrey Leiser was involved in a rock slide and suffered severe injuries...
Beartooth Rally This Weekend
The Beartooth Rally and Iron Horse Rodeo is this weekend up in Red Lodge.
Friday-Coors Lite Ranch Run sign up at Bone Daddy's Friday 10am -Noon
Saturday-Willie's 212 Run sign up at Bone Daddy's 9am-Noon
Sunday-Iron Horse Rodeo sign up Sunday 10am at rodeo grounds start time 1pm...
What’s More American Than This?
I'm sad to say it, but I've never actually been to the Home Of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge.  That's about to change.
My whole family loves the rodeo and people tell me that this is a great one to see.  They of course got started on 7/2, but I've got my tickets ready for…
What’s Your Winter Getaway in Montana?
I am in the mood for a vacation. Ok, I can't take one yet but it sure would be nice.
Maybe just a weekend getaway where I could get stuck in the snow for a week or more. Hey, If I can't dig out, it's not my fault right? Just need to check the forecast and make the run before the next b…

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