Restaurant Closures
The Billings location of Johnny Carino's recently closed and now I see that the one in Missoula will do the same. As will the Hooters.
Now, here in Billings, you could argue location for Carino's closure. I didn't eat there often, but always had great food & service there. So..…
Let’s Go Out For Dinner
How often do you and your family go out for meals? For some families, it's a necessity. For some, it's more of a choice.
Our family tries to keep costs down, like most folks do. But, we still eat out a lot.
What's the number your family shoots for, when determining how many restaurants …
No Salt For Me
My wife and I went out to eat on Saturday night at one of the in spots in town now.  While we were waiting for our food I observed the cleaning practices on an adjacent table.
The rag that they used to wipe the table off was dirty and had been used on God knows how many tables before that.…
Eating Out Can Often be Risky Business
We were sent a picture this morning of someone's chicken nuggets they purchased and one had a bite out of it. Are you kidding me? As much as i enjoy eating out, I hate it just as much because you never know what you are going to get.
The stories never stop, from illness to gross things in the fo…
The Ultimate Ghetto Snack
Have you ever looked in your refrigerator to see what was left and not have everything you need to make one of the recipes you might normally produce? One night I turned macaroni, tomato sauce, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese and cheddar cheese into a poor man's lasagna mac n cheese bake thing …
Where Can We Get Great Home Cooking?
I'm on the hunt for a local restaurant that has great home cooking.  We've tried the chains, and we've tried going to Stella's (it ranks very high on but it's really hard to get in there.
We love going out to breakfast on the weekend...

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