First, a couple Sobering Montana Stats:

Suicide is the 9th leading cause of death in the state.  And for those between the ages of 10 and 44, suicide is the 2nd leading cause.

Let that sink in a second before reading on.

Out of the Darkness is an organization that brings this heartbreaking issue into the light, to raise awareness and money to prevent suicide and save lives.  This year's annual walk will be their 20th, scheduled in the Yellowstone Valley for September 15th.

But you can show support for this endeavor by simply going out for dinner.  Two restaurants in Billings will give 20% of their sales for one day only to Out of the Darkness.

The first is this Thursday, February 29th (Leap Year!) at


West Billings, 2011 Overland Avenue. This fundraiser starts at 11:00 for lunchtime and runs until 8:00 in the evening for supper.

The second dining event will be a week later, March 7th at

Pizza Ranch

Billings Heights, 1327 Main Street. This event will be for dinnertime, 5:00 TO 9:00 p.m.  On top of the 20% going to Out of the Darkness, the tips for bussing the tables will also go into the group.

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To activate this 20% allocation, there is a very important message that diners must communicate for this special fundraiser:

"We are here to support suicide prevention."

Again, you must say this or something like it to request a portion of the tab to this endeavor.  For those really struggling, can't stress this enough.

There will be similar events in the near future to uphold the mission and keep this crucial topic fresh on the mind.  Will keep you posted.

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