Halloween Brings Out The Best In People
Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit but the coolest thing happened to me last night... when I came home there was a half empty 12-pack of Coke Zero sitting in front of the door to my apartment building with a note above it (it's in the above pic but the flash obscured the writing) that said &am…
Part of my indoctrination to my new hometown of Billings is the smell of the processing of sugar beets. Some people don't like the smell but to me it has the aroma of roasted corn. Roasted corn smells sweet and so do all the jobs sugar beets add to our economy...
New York City to Ban Large Soft Drinks – Is Your City Next?
By this time next year, residents of New York City won’t be able to buy an absurdly large and absurdly overpriced cup of soda to go alongside their absurdly large and absurdly overpriced vat of popcorn when they are enjoying a movie.
That’s because New York mayor Mike Bloomberg has proposed a ban — w…
Researcher Propose Higher Tax on Sugary Beverages
As obesity continues to plague the United States, many states have imposed a tax cost on some of the products that contribute to unhealthy weight gain, like soda. But experts believe that the current sales tax isn’t high enough to truly impact health and weight loss.