The Breakfast Flakes

Tax Free Day
Usually, around May 15th, it's Tax Free Day for people in Montana. That means so far you have worked every day this year just to pay your taxes.
Just think, in 1930, Tax Free Day was February 13th. So, today is a big day for the 51% of Americans who pay taxes; you finally get to keep what you ma…
Truck Driving Dog
I don't know the dog in my photo, I just know that I wish I was headed somewhere in a big ol semi.
Many times, dogs are better to take long road trips with than people. Dogs don't tell you how to drive, or something they don't like about you, or even when to stop...
Raise Them Right
Here's a picture of my son John helping me fill the drill last week while I was seeding. We do not have uniform requirements out at the ranch, but this is when you know you're raising them right........
Time for a New Phone
Here's my list. Root canals, colonoscopy, long meetings at work, and bad service at restaurants.
I'd rather be going through any of these than have to go get a new phone. I don't know the products available, nor who has the least expensive phone that will suit my needs...
Happy Mom’s Day
Happy Mother's Day to all current and future moms to be. For all the hard work that they do, they only ask that their children grow up to be kind, loving, and respectful.
The most unselfish person on the planet is a mom.Thank you, to all of you and I hope you have a special day...
Dressing Up For Work
I saw my buddy PJ's post about dressing up as the "Red Robin" when he worked there. I occasionally wore a moose suit when I was starting out in radio. But, it paid ten bucks an hour, so it was easy to justify.
Have you had any embarrassing smudges on your work resume along the …
Snake Season
Now that the snakes are out, you might want to get your dog vaccinated. It takes  two shots, but if they encounter a buzz worm it will help them.
If you love your dog and let him run a lot, it might save you some grief down the road...
I ran across a couple of Bull Snakes yesterday at the golf course. It looked like they were on a first date or something.
The good part for me was that I saw them before they saw me. I was also in a cart, so I didn't have to scream or anything...
Dad’s Birthday
Today would've been my dad's 78th birthday. Next month marks 3 years since his passing.
No sad reflections today, just fond memories of the man who influenced my life and my choices more than any other person in the world.
I quote him often and salute him every time I complete another new record run b…
Skyview Theater
Skyview Theater is putting on Beauty and the Beast this Thursday and Saturday. These kids work really hard and put a lot of time into their productions. Check it out; Thurs. at 7 pm and Sat. at 2 pm and 7 pm. The theater is really nice and you don't have to pay $10 to park...
Big Day for Lockwood
Today is the day when your ballots have to be postmarked or received at the courthouse. For the folks in Lockwood, you will decide on a new high school. It's a big issue with a big price; so, either way make sure your voice is heard.
National Teacher Appreciation Day
I'm not sure exactly what one does for a teacher on National Teacher Appreciation Day, so I'm blogging about the day.
If you're a teacher, you have many things you can take advantage of.
Deals on rentals at Alamo, discounts at AT&T, and many casinos and resorts are vying for you…

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