Is The Turkey Fried or Baked Billings?
Ah the week of Thanksgiving. The time we stuff and stuff, then we stuff a little more on that traditional bird of our ancestors. Between that and the green bean casserole, rolls, mash taters and pie, life doesn't get much better than what this week has to offer...
Would You Want This Stuffed Turkey In Your House?
If you hear the words "stuffed turkey" your mouth will probably start watering the way mine does on Thanksgiving. In Montana however it's just as likely to be taxidermy... in other words not roasted with bread stuffing and cranberries but the bird with the head and feathers st…
What? No Hellmann’s Mayo?
It was shaping up to be a holiday disaster.  One request.  Just one simple condiment request for that traditional turkey leftover sandwich.  Unfortunately, this is Montana, and Big Sky Country is not known for one thing...Hellmann's Mayo.
Talkin’ Turkey Today [AUDIO]
Do turkeys have feelings too?  That's the gobble gab from one animal communicator.  I'm telling you, there is nothing worse than a sensitive turkey, especially this week.