Secrets Capri
We got this picture sent to us this morning from a lady who's with our group, but got to the resort a few days ahead of us.
All the rubbing it in aside, I am thankful for the chance to go on these trips each year. Every year when we arrive, I walk down to the beach and stand there and listen to …
Fading Away
As we get ready for our big trip, I just thought of something that is slowly fading into the abyss.
No one sends them anymore.  Now its instant pictures, texts and videos. Places still sell them, but most people don't bother with them anymore...
I’m Ready
It's time for me to recharge my batteries. I really do look forward to the Flakes trip.  Most of you don't know what my days are like and I use most of my vacations to get work done on the ranch.
It's so nice to relax for a week, no schedules, no places to be etc...
My December Vacation
"How was your time off?" That's the big question I got near the end of 2017 into the new year. Of course it was nice to sleep in and spend some time with family.
This picture is from Saturday near Grey Cliff on the way to Big Timber.
My vacation also included 3 funerals, catchin…
Don’t Go
I know people plan vacations months in advance. But if I had plans to be in Florida next week, I wouldn't go.  After Irma hits it will take some time for Floridians to regroup just like Texas.  I wouldn't want to get in the way of those people trying to recover so cancel and resc…
Labor Day Break
We will be taking off next week. You know the deal, use it or lose it.  When we get back after Labor Day we start drawing for 30 guns in 30 days.  That same week we have our Flakes kick-off party for the Flakes trip.
Fall is fast approaching, so we will see you then...
Flakes Trip #22
We have announced the details this morning for our annual trip.
Located on 71 tropical, ocean front acres in the Mayan Riviera, the secrets Capri beckons you.
we have two options for you to join us. Monday to Monday, leaving January 22nd...
Relaxing By The Pool
Flashback to exactly one week ago. The difference temperature wise is about 100 degrees from last Friday till today. This was the "Quiet Pool" that was closest to our room. Relaxing music being pumped in and it was extremely relaxing. I couldn't post my pictures of anybody mis…
Volleyball Spectator
All week I'll share some pictures of last week at the Secrets Akumal resort.  This was early in the week.  I was a spectator at pool volleyball.
Make Next Year That Someday
We will be leaving this weekend for our annual Flakes trip.  You have to put this on your bucket list.  The resort in the Caribbean is great but what makes the trip awesome is the group of people that go.  You will have the time of your life and memories and friendships are forge…
Why Go South?
Have you noticed that during the winter even the people that are global warming advocates go south to get away from it all?  President Obama went to Hawaii for 17 days to get away from a cold capital.
So are why these proponents of colder temps not going north to Nome or International…
And So It Begins
Tonight from 5-7 at the Stadium Club in the heights we will be broadcasting live and giving you the opportunity to get signed up to win a trip for two to Mexico in January. Not a bad prize.
It's a week for two that includes airfare, shuttles, and an all inclusive stay at Secrets Akumal...

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