This morning, Mark and Paul discussed a website called, which calculates the odds of a new relationship lasting based on the items inside your date's refrigerator.  The Flakes have a better idea.  If your date is snooping inside your fridge or your medicine cabinet, it's a tell tale sign that you're going out with a loser.  Dump him or her immediately.

Mark then offered up another alternative for those who are looking for love.  One of his friends attended a "speed dating" event and asked a woman he met to name 3 Cd's she was currently listening to.  According to Mark's pal, they ended up getting married because "I liked all of those bands".

Paul then suggested if there's a woman who loves The Dukes of Hazard theme song, the Soundtrack from the movie Arthur and Steely Dan's Greatest Hits, then Mark will have finally found his soul mate.  Paul is fairly certain that woman does not exist.  Mark insists that she does.  According to Mark, "she's hot and she lives in my house".  Evidently, there really IS someone out there for everybody.