Time for another one of those stories where the home owner saves his possessions and possibly his life.This story comes from Missoula, where a 77 year old man had his home invaded Saturday night by a 22 year old male. The older man did what he thought best – he protected himself and his things by shooting the intruder in the torso.

The shooting took place at 2am Saturday morning in downtown Missoula. After wounding the intruder, the homeowner called police and told them what had happened. The police say the “would be” robber was taken to the hospital and listed in serious condition.

Here’s one of the cases where the homeowner is perfectly in his rights. He was protecting his home. His stuff. And did you notice there is no mention of the type of gun used here.

Oh no. Not in this story. We think it’s because it’s a self-defense thing. Could have been an automatic rifle used….but no media sensationalism of guns here.

When the right tool is used in the right situation, everything is just as it should be.