Where did the week go?  I can't believe it's already Thursday.  I mean I'm not really complaining, it is Friday tomorrow which means the weekend right?

Here is my TBT.

When we first signed Cat Country on in 1988 our General Manager at the time, Keith Tilkens, rest his soul, came up with this idea that those of us on the air should have promo pictures to autograph.

These head shots for the most part were supposed to be a lot like an artist, an actor or model would have.

I had really forgotten about these until a listener mentioned that she still had one of these that I had autographed it.

My kids laughed their little butts off when they saw it.

My daughter said why would you wear that shirt and my son said WOW mom nice Reba McEntire hair.

All I can say is it was really cool back then and I'm glad I kept one, because it's fun to walk down memory lane every so often.