Mother's Day is May 12, are you ready?  Did you get your mom (or mother of your child) a gift that show's her how much you love her?  Or did you just grab what you could in order to have anything for her at all? You might want to steer clear of these 5 gifts if you want to maintain the peace.

1. Waffle Iron- Nothing says "I Love You" like a waffle iron.  NOT! This implies that all you see her as, is a source of cooked food!  Bad choice!  No woman wants to get a gift that is for making someone else food.  Unless of course perhaps, its Rachael Ray.  Then it might be okay.  Steer clear cooking utensils!

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2. Vacuum-I shouldn't even have to get into this one.  But I will.  NO cleaning devices of any kind on Mother's day(or birthdays for that matter) ever!  There's no sure fire way to make your mom feel like a "Maid" then to buy her a vacuum or some such thing.  Besides, this is bulky and when she sees it, she might be tempted to put it areas that are quite unpleasant, and that might

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3. "Best Mom In The World" gear- It might seem sweet, but there's something you may not realize.  We "Mom's" already think were the best in the world.  We don't need paraphernalia to remind us of something we already know.  Plus, that stuff can add up and no one wants a collection of this stuff.  I mean, imagine going out to a nice dinner, all dressed up, hair done, make up done and a "Worlds Greatest Mom" necklace to top it off.  Maybe its just me but I'd rather have something that was more my own style.

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4.Membership to a Gym-Holy Moses! If you've done this you're a dead man! Why don't you just say "Hey Mom(or honey), you're gaining weight and you look fat.  How about a gym membership to lose some pounds for me".  There's no way to back track from that one.  We want to be loved the way we are.  We know if we need to lose weight.  Confirming it to us, is an awful idea.  Plus, it's guaranteed to hurt her feelings and maybe make her cry.  Don't Do It!

5. Ask her what she wants for Mother's Day-Okay, this isn't a gift, but its still a bad idea.  When you do this, all she's hearing is this "I'm too lazy to think about you and what you like and don't like.  I'd rather just chunk down the money and let you get it yourself". Oh yeah, and also this "I don't love you.  I think you're a maid, although one who cooks and ya I think you're fat too".  I'm not even kidding.  We think that way!  Make the effort!  Mom's may seem tough to buy for, but really we're not!  Just invest some time in thinking about what we like and it should be easy!

So there you have it!  If you steer clear from at least these 5 things, you should be good.  What do you think?  What's the worst thing you've ever given/got for Mother's Day?  Comment below and let me know!