My daughter is getting ready to turn the big "16" in about a month and with tax season still here and our "$1,000 Tax Refund" contest going on, it made me wonder..."What kind of car could I get my daughter for $1,000"?

After doing a little online research, this is what I found.(Below) a 1996 Lincoln Town Car.  They didn't post any other details on it, just this picture.  Not a bad first car, right?

Craig's List

I also found, what I like to call, a "fixer upper".  (Below)  Now tell me you wouldn't have loved driving around in this car back in high school?  One of my good friends had one then and we always had a blast driving around town! 1985 VW golf, 4 cylinder motor, 5 speed manual.  Only $700.  Heck, you'd have $300 left over for repairs even!

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You can't tell me your first thought when you saw the picture(below) wasn't "Party Wagon".  I know it was!  Well, I guess that was my first thought.  Which is why, there is no way I'd let me daughter drive this thing.  Although it would probably be the safest out of the three vehicles.  Plus, I just couldn't do that to her.  She's a great kid and this car doesn't exactly scream "Cool".

Craig's List

A 1985 International w/12' cargo box. 63,500 miles on chassis. Engine out (blown). Elec/hyd lift gate. Set up for 7.3 diesel. Auto transmission & engine carcass included.

Plus, it doesn't even run.  So I guess it really shouldn't even count on here, but it was too funny not to add!

What kind of cars or trucks can you find in our area for $1,000?  I looked on Craig's List, is there a better place to go instead?