Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 28), Carrie Underwood made time to kick back and relax a bit at the CMA building in Nashville to celebrate her recent chart-topping hit, ‘Good Girl.’ Underwood and the song’s two co-writers, Ashely Gorley and Chris DeStefano, were once again loaded up with numerous plaques, trophies and certificates honoring their No. 1 song, which topped the charts back in June.

Underwood found herself in the right place at the right time when the song was penned, being in Los Angeles with a day off while her two pals were there writing. The superstar singer jokes that she crashed their writing session, but looking back, we doubt anyone had any complaints.

Once the song was finished, Underwood knew she would be snatching the tune up for her ‘Blown Away’ album, but had no idea the life it would take on after its release — though she had high hopes.

“Of course when you think of a first single and a new album, to me, I like the thought of having something uptempo and fun because I go sing it everywhere… on a lot of TV shows and stuff like that,” Underwood told Taste of Country prior to the party. “So when I first heard it, I thought it would be a great one to kick everything off with because it’s just fun and kind of spring/summertime. It was just a lot of fun to sing, and people can sing along and have fun with it.”

Having fun was a common theme on Tuesday. As Underwood mingled with the press, those in attendance at the invite-only party were able to feast on a lavish spread of top sirloin tacos with chipotle mayonnaise, margarita chicken salad stuffed in endive leaves and watermelon gazpacho to wash it all down, as well as two vegetarian appetizers — per Underwood’s request — of peppers stuffed with eggplant bruschetta and fried stuffed Roma tomatoes with a corn salsa.

Underwood will likely be back in a similar position soon, as her current single, ‘Blown Away,’ is wasting no time blazing up the country singles chart. This week, the tune is in the Top 15.

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