Drivers Needed. Lift CDL Requirement and Let Farmers Fill In.
Just this week, we heard the story of a snow plow driver shortage. Montana is trying to hire close to 100 drivers to clear the roads and we sure could use them now . One problem is that job requires a CDL license. I don't know why, when it is a different class truck than a semi. In fact farmers in the state are exempt from having a CDL if they are driving their own truck.
Wilson’s Birthday and Christmas. Same Month.
Growing up, I always whined about my December birthday. Mine is nine days before Christmas. And my folks didn't have a lot of money. So some years, if my main gift was a little on the expensive side, I'd get "well, this is your birthday AND Christmas present."
Another Vaccine Mandate Blocked, Montana Reps Respond
The federal courts have dealt yet another blow to President Joe Biden's federal vaccine mandates- this time calling for a halt to the mandate targeting federal contractors. Montana's governor and one of Montana's US Senators were quick to cheer the news Tuesday

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