How I Kicked Butts
After about a year of being smoke free, I was reading this article on pipe smoking. I have great memories of my dad smoking a pipe and the aroma that it left in the house. I decided I would go get a pipe, some tobacco and simply not inhale. In hindsight, it was a bad plan. Within a month, I was …
Snow Phenomenon
I was helping a buddy move last Saturday morning when I took this shot of some snow sticking way out past the edge of the roof.
I had a friend stand under it to give it some scale, but the angle was better. This picture shows the snow a little better...
Front Row For Billings Big Air Bash
Billings Big Air Bash is Saturday, April 6th, at MetraPark and you've got a chance to win front row seats for the action. All seats at this event are reserved and seating is limited. There are no "bad seats". You'll be able to take in all the action from wherever you are sitting.…
I wondered why he was always buying bars of soap
For those of you who still use bars of soap in the shower, and not shower gel, do you do what my husband does and get a new bar of soap before the other one is completely gone? At first I thought that he just didn't see the bar of soap in the shower caddy, so he got a new one...
Unlimited Coffee For Five Dollars a Month in Billings
One of my brothers gets a minimum of three Starbucks coffees every day of the week. Counting the tips and taxes, he's in for no less than $15 a day. In other words, he spends a car payment worth of cash on coffee every month, but there is no way in Hell he would go for the sensible cheap coff…
I'm For DeMolay
Today in 1919 The Order Of DeMolay was founded. And this is an organization that I joined in 1976 who's impact on me was immeasurable.
Unsolicited Review of Blaze Pizza
My usual "nobody paid me to do this and I paid for my food" disclaimer is in full effect for this review. I will add to that disclaimer that I only tried one, very basic pizza because when it comes to pizza, that's how I roll.

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