Every state and county has different laws on concealed carry so it can be hard to know what to do if being pulled over for a routine traffic stop. Although most of the tips below are pretty universal for anyone carrying, make sure to check your own states rules.

We all know police are in heightened alert most of the time just because of the nature of their job. They follow precise steps and like to be diligent and ultra safe for not only their own safety, but for yours. Just by following the simple steps below, you will have a smooth stop and the officer will probably be very thankful!

  1. Hands on the steering wheel (10 & 2)
  2. Dome light on (especially if it is night time)
  3. Advise the officer you are carrying
    1. Montana state law does not require that you inform your officer. Click HERE to find out what other states require.
    2. Officers won't always take this as a threat if you word it in a way that is helpful for them
  4. Display I.D. slowly/ no quick movements (if you have informed the officer you are carrying, they might ask to disarm you before you reach for identification especially because most people carry around the spot your I.D. is located)
  5. Don't argue with the officer, touch the officer, disrespect the officer or use force- that while not end well for you

Here is a video that was put out nationally to address the best way handle a traffic stop while carrying a firearm:

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