If there’s any country star who knows how to dream big, it’s Dolly Parton. With her roots stemming from rural East Tennessee, Parton grew up an impoverished youth in the Appalachian mountains. Now that she has spent decades at the top of the country music scene, she’s ready to impart some of the wisdom she gained on her journey to other dreamers.

“I know that I’ve learned some things in my life that are important to me,” Dolly said in a statement (according to The Boot). “And I think maybe they might be good ideas to pass along to you. Not as advice, but as information that I have found has helped me over the years. Enough to share, and a little to spare. If you’re lucky, your dreams will never die, you may not always achieve them, but if you always have dreams and reach for them, you’ll never be a failure. I still have dreams of what I want to do next.”

The book will also touch on other aspects of creating a richer, fuller life. It is based on a commencement speech that Parton gave to graduating students at the University of Tennessee in 2009.

It’s a busy time for the infamous ‘Jolene’ singer. In addition to putting the final touches on her book, Parton is also featured in the documentary ‘Hollywood to Dollywood.’ The film tells the story of brothers Gary and Larry Lane, who travel across the country to get their screenplay– complete with a part for Dolly Parton — into the country legend’s hands. ‘Hollywood to Dollywood’ is playing on the big screen at film festivals all over, and it is also available on DVD and BluRay.

‘Dream More’ will be for sale in bookstores this November. Just in time for the holidays!

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