If I win that huge Megamillions jackpot tonight, I'm gonna be busy shopping. For islands. And I'm probably going to need a couple of them.

Islands say a couple of things. One, I'm rich enough to buy my own dang island, and two, I don't just LIKE my privacy, I DEMAND it.

And since I've never shopped for islands before, I was a little surprised at how affordable they can be. For instance, if you just want kind of a "starter island", there's a place in Belize where you can buy 1/10th of one to see if island life is for you.

And I saw quite a few islands priced in 5-6 million dollar range. And when I have a couple hundred million dollars, I can afford several.

Now, if I was looking for something already complete, I'd buy that mansion up on Shelter Island on Flathead Lake which has now been discounted to 44 and 1/2 million.

And once I actually win the money, I'll list all of the charitable things that I plan to do but right now, I'm still shopping.

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