Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty in the death of Michael Jackson.  And apparently 46% of doctors have used Google or Yahoo to diagnose their patients' symptoms.  Here is what we are gabbing about today...

Isn't that amazing?  Rising medical costs.  Rising insurance costs.  And almost half of all doctors have just "Googled-it" to find out what might be wrong with you.  Unreal.

So a big asteroid flew by the earth today, missing us by just 200,000 miles.  But, it missed.  No big, blockbuster Bruce Willis movie is needed because of it.  Life goes on.

And am I the only one who sometimes has the evil thought that if a big rock from outer space crashed into the home of Kim Kardashian, it wouldn't be the worse thing?  Although I am not even sure that an event like that would even keep her out of the headlines.