The day songwriters Neil Thrasher, Wendell Mobley and Vicky McGehee sat down to write Randy Houser‘s ‘How Country Feels’ lyrics, they knew the singer was looking for material, so it was their job to come up with the right words to fit his style. And that’s just what happened that day, as Houser dropped the song as his latest single.

“That was actually the first song the three of us wrote together — not me and Wendell, but the three of us,” Thrasher tells Taste of Country of penning ‘How Country Feels.’

“It wasn’t the fastest co-write I’ve ever had, but it definitely was the most fun!” adds McGehee with a smile. “Neil and Wendell have this inside joke running all the time … you’re not sure what you’re laughing at, but you cant stop. Between Neil practicing his golf putting — just a putter and a drinking glass on the floor — and Wendell ordering Napa parts, something amazing always happens.”

“Wendell and Neil are both ‘triple threats,’” McGehee continues, praising her co-writers. “They can sing, play and write, where anyone that has written with me knows I am always thinking lyric. They started playing this really cool melody, and immediately I thought of a girl I had met on a plane that was from New York. She said she really didn’t get the ‘country’ way of life because she’d never been in the country. That is where the beginning of the song came from.”

You were raised on an asphalt farm / Ain’t never heard a rooster crow / Never walked barefoot by a river / Felt the mud up between your toes / You never rolled in the hay / You never thrown it in four wheel / Climb up on here girl / Let me show you how country feels,” they wrote in the opening ‘How Country Feels’ lyrics.

“Once we got started on that song, it just got to rockin’ pretty good,” Thrasher recalls.

Put your hair down, hair down / Get you some of this laid on back / Kick your shoes off, kick ‘em off / Get you some of this slow down fast / Take you up and down these hollers and hills / Let me show you how country feels,” they wrote in the chorus.

“Randy Houser wound up cutting it,” Thrasher explains, excited. “He cut it and put it out, and it’s his new single. It sounds fabulous.”

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