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Who is Your Favorite Billings Teacher?
Teachers in my opinion are a very valuable resource. Probably one of the most valuable assets we can have for our kids. The problem is, they don't get thanked enough for what they do. The pay isn't wonderful, appreciation is sometimes low, but all in all these men and women push forward te…
What’s Your Winter Getaway in Montana?
I am in the mood for a vacation. Ok, I can't take one yet but it sure would be nice.
Maybe just a weekend getaway where I could get stuck in the snow for a week or more. Hey, If I can't dig out, it's not my fault right? Just need to check the forecast and make the run before the next b…
What’s Your Plan in 2016?
A  new year brings new beginnings, new possibilities and an open road to things that are completely determined by you and me. Our future is what we make of it. I, for one, want to make this new year as good as I possibly can.
From work life to personal life, I will do everything I can to make th…
A New Year Brings More Free Food
With the beginning of a new year begins a new contest where you can win more food.
That's right. Cat Country 102.9 and Hot Rod Thompson have teamed up with Domino's Pizza in Billings to bring you the Pizza Pie Prowl every Friday. We have the pies and we want to give them to you...
Do You Do After Holiday Sales?
One thing about this time of year is that if you look in the right places, you can find some pretty good deals for those things you've been waiting for.
My wife and I have been talking about getting another family vehicle. We desperately need one, but have been holding back because of a million …
The Unique Bridal Experience Comes to Billings
Are you getting married in 2016? The perfect event to help you get prepared is coming the the Big Horn Resort on January 3rd from noon to 3.
Vendors at this event are hooking you up with some awesome things.
You'll eat dinner, sample cakes and desserts and have drinks available to you, too...
Sledding in Billings Is On
I got sick again this weekend. That didn't stop my boys from hitting the hills at Skyview High School again though.
The fresh snow Saturday night made for some nice sledding powder, according to my oldest son Rodney.
As I lay sick in bed Sunday, the boys headed out for some rip-roarin' fun a…
What’s Your Favorite Snow Activity?
Song along, "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!"
I know there are many that are dreading the snow, but my kids are loving it big time.
Ever since we got our first storm right before Thanksgiving, they been chomping at the bit to ride their sled...
Top 5 Christmas Present Hiding Spots, According to You
It's getting close to that time when we bring our presents out of hiding.
Each year it seems like it gets a little harder to hide them. Kids are getting smarter and remembering old hiding spots. Not to mention they seem to be getting wise on where new hiding spots might be...

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