Bad Sportsmanship Goes Even Worse
I have been to a lot of sporting events in my day. I have also seen some bad things happen at those events.
From a friend of our family breaking his neck and becoming paralyzed while playing football to the countless times refs had to be escorted to their cars after making a bunch of bad calls at bas…
What Kind Of Driver Are You? [Video]
I admit it, I am the worst when it comes to being the "Parking Policeman" and "Backseat Driver."
You can ask my wife, whenever we go somewhere and she drives, I unintentionally teach her how to drive, even though she does just fine on her own...
Brute Strength in Billings [Video]
It goes back as long as time itself. Being the strongest person in the room...especially when trying to impress that cute girl.
How do you do that? Good looks, sense of humor, sensitivity, manners, being a gentleman? How about brute strength...
Horrible Halloween Mom [Video]
I truly hope that this woman stays home this year and every year from now on. She selfishly ruined the fun for everyone who followed her.
The big question is, if we are not going to show our kids what is right and what is wrong, then who will...
The Word with Hot Rod Thompson
The election is coming very soon and whether you like any of the candidates you still have that right to vote and should. Too many have laid down their life to give us that right. Let your voice be heard.

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