Okay, so you're probably wondering "How many times can you possibly lose a dog?".  My answer to that would be "Three times so far, with this dog".    However, with each time I am learning something new.

The first time (2 years ago) I learned how much it actually costs to get your dog bailed out of doggy jail(animal shelter).  Approximately $85.  This includes: city license(I didn't realize he needed one), shelter fees and impound fees.

Tara Nicole

The second time (couple of months ago) I learned how wonderful strangers can (sometimes and for sure in this case) be. A wonderful  friend at Skyview Vet found my lost dog on the Friends of Billings Dog Parks Facebook page and call us with the information of the gentlemen who found our dog.  Also the wonderful guy who found my dog and let him stay with him until we could find him. No charge for either.

Now this last time.  March 3, 2013.  Which is completely my fault.  Mainly because I am completely unable to find someone else to blame!  Anyways, I digress.

This time I learned how much it can also be to microchip your pet!  $20 at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.  Yes, he ended up back at the shelter.   I didn't even hesitate to have them do it either.  And you know what?  I feel 100% about my decision.  I suffered so much stress, anxiety, and fear in the 24 hours that my dog was missing to make it 200% worth of the $20 that I spent.

Let us all hope though, that I never need to worry about it again.  ;)  What do you think about micro-chipping?  For or against?