Well, in case you didn't hear Andy West on Friday afternoon.  I lost my Yellow Lab, Dugan, on Friday. But the good news is, we found him on Saturday thanks to the most awesome lady at the Skyview Veterinary Hospital and also a very nice man named Steve.

Apparently my 3  year old lab was left out in our backyard(by who I won't mention, as he was very upset about doing so) and managed to dig his way out to freedom.  He ended up playing at the dog park where this nice guy Steve, was hanging out with his lab and who eventually ended up taking our dog home with him.  Dugan did not have his collar on due to other circumstances(bad owners), and so did not have identification on him.

Dugan made friends with both Steve and his female lab named Stella and is in much trouble for flirting with the ladies (bad dog!), but since it worked out, we aren't talking about it much.

Tara Nicole

Apparently Steve posted  his find on the dog parks facebook page where our friend from Skyview Veterinary  Hospital found it on Saturday and immediately called us to let us know.  Tah Dah!  The lost is found!  I practically raced down to pick him up with my daughter, and found him happy and with new friends.    So thank you Steve and mystery lady at Skyview Vet. Hospital and of course Andy West for helping us find our beloved dog.   You made my family very happy to have our "missing link" back in the family fold.