Activities At The Library
The Parmly Billings Library is offering a lot of ways for you to keep your kids reading and discovery skills sharp this summer.  There are tons of fun activities and prizes for kids of all ages.  Keep the kids out of the heat, and keep their skills sharp all summer long...
What Are We Teaching Our Children?
We live in a world where kids get ribbons just for showing up, and parents are fighting at sporting events.
Think about this.
First, competition is healthy.  It makes people stronger, smarter and better.  When kids are given awards just for showing up, why would they even try to do something…
Summer Fair This Weekend
We love going to Farmer's Markets and Summer Fair's.  It's such a great way to take in the weather and find out all of the cool things Montanan's are crafting.
I was looking for something this weekend, and I stumbled across the Yellowstone Art Museum's Summer Fair...
Child Identity Theft
The most important number you'll ever know, besides 102.9, is your Social Security number.
It's hard to believe, but it's a fact of life now that children as young as 5 months are having their identity stolen!
I was just reading a couple of articles saying that once a kid hits college and tries to sta…